Do You Exist In Photographs?

The Beauty, Art & Boudoir Experience (BABE) is a contemporary fashion styled portrait experience designed specifically for women.  This is a day for you to be pampered and feel truly beautiful, a chance for you to do something extraordinary..  Far too many women hide from the camera and lack the self confidence to embrace the beauty that everyone else sees in them.  We are so busy being mothers, wives and business people that we often do not take any time out for ourselves.  Every woman should own an incredible portrait of herself,  your loved ones deserve to have one of their own as a keepsake. The printed image is forever, it is treasured and passed down for generations.  Our goal is to show you just how amazing you can feel about yourself and how easy it can be to see yourself as the incredible sexy, beautiful person that everybody else already knows you are.  Our BABE sessions are artfully guided to capture you at your best.  Beauty has no age, shape or size restriction. Our studio specialises in making ALL women feel fabulous.  From your first consult to your in studio reveal of your images - we invite you to come in, change the way you see yourself and to exist in photographs. 


The Studio is located in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne (40mins from city).  





Ingrid is an experienced published and award winning photographer who is passionate about creating timeless images for all women. 

Beauty has no limits
women should see, feel and celebrate that they are beautiful
at every age & at every stage of their life. 


Still not sure this is for you?   Read on.......

"I wanted to do a boudoir shoot as it was on my bucket list, but I was never confident enough. Ingrid made me feel awesome.  I had a great time and would love to do it again.  I loved all the images which is a surprise for me as I am always so critical of myself.  I would definitely recommend a photoshoot of any kind, especially an Art shoot her images are so beautiful." Denise
"This was a nice opportunity to do something new - exciting.  I felt very relaxed and comfortable and I left feeling excited, it was a rewarding experience.  The pictures were much better than I could have imagined."  Lesley 
"I decided to do this style of shoot as I had never done one before.  As I am now getting married I thought I would get my partner a present.  I felt self conscious about the way I may look.  I was worried I may look like an elephant in the photos.  I was BLOWN AWAY with the images and couldn't believe how well they turned out.  I would recommend this experience to others that may be conscious of the way they look and have low self esteem."  Nerissa
"As a single parent of 3 kids, I have never had time away from my youngest, this was an opportunity for me to have some"me" time and sit back and get my hair and makeup done.  I wanted to feel sexy for a day and that's what I got.  I've never been a confident person and Ingrid certainly changed that.  I was blown away with the images.  I was actually dreading viewing them, thinking it would be a big wake up call to lose weight.  I had trouble choosing the photos, I would have them all if I could.  I had heaps of fun, very relaxed and enjoyable.  I would most definitely recommend this to others" Anita
" I loved the photos my daughter had taken with Ingrid.  The shoot was so much fun. Very spoilt and made me feel good about myself.  After the shoot I felt very pleased I had gone ahead with it.  My reaction - Wow beautiful photos.  Gorgeous photos. Definitely recommend to any family and friends." Leanne
" I decided to have this done as I thought it would help with my confidence, Ingrid made me feel very comfortable and laughed with me.  I was surprised that I looked so different in a good way.  I love them!  Was so much fun and would love to do it again"  Amy-Lee