Being Fearless | Melbourne Boudoir Photographer

I had 11 women in my studio shooting a Body Positive Campaign....and what an amazing day it was.  Many of these beautiful women stepped way outside their comfort zone to essentially bare almost all to a camera and each other.  Why would they do this???  They did it not only for themselves but for all women who struggle with body confidence, they each told their "why" on the video.  The words they spoke came from the heart, the laughter we shared and you hear in the background is what happens when you embrace and accept yourself as who you are.  I hope that they will empower women everywhere, to not only be more confident in owning who they are right now, but to know that if a group of strangers of all body types and ages can feel supported and beautiful while almost naked in a room full of women they just met, that the words we tell ourselves about how we perceive others are thinking about us..... may not be what we imagine.