Treasure the Gown | Melbourne Creative Portraiture

Gowns are beautiful.  So much goes into their creation.  Gorgeous fabric intricate beadwork and skilled craftsmanship.  It's no wonder they are often incredibly expensive.

But after a major event such as a wedding, formal, debutante ball, milestone birthday or awards night, what happens to our gowns?

We carefully pack them away in the box or garment bag and put them back in the wardrobe most times never to be worn again. 

Creative Portraits

Why not book a Treasure the Gown shoot, where we create a , red carpet, vanity fair style setting, full of glitz and glamour and YOU become the movie star for the day.  And it's not just for the ladies...  Gentleman, get your suits on for a walk down the red carpet as well, just imagine, broody looks, relaxed posing with a  Frank Sinatra vibe 

Unpack that gown or suit and take action

Contact the studio for a no-obligation consultation about how you can treasure your gown with a creative portraiture shoot