Speakeasy | Melbourne Conceptual Photographer

I can finally release the 2nd series of conceptual images photographed at Melboune's Emerald Peacock titled "Speak Easy". 10 of the images in this set have been published in Beau Nu Magazine June 2017 Book 1 issue (links below to purchase)  

If you have read the Gilded entry you will remember that both these series were inspired entirely by the decor of the venue. The Gilded images showed the room with baroque ornate frames, but the other side of that room had intimate booths, that just spoke of flirtatious women, illicit cocktails and rambunctious dancing.     

The Dresses 

It was obviously meant to be....as a few weeks prior I had found a beautiful beaded gown for $5 in the local opp shop (at the time I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I couldn't pass it up).  That dress was perfect for this space.  After searching the studio wardrobe I found another couple of dresses (all from previous opp shop excursions)  that fit the "speak easy" theme as well, I had envisioned two models in the scenes so I needed to find another beaded gown to compliment my first fabulous find.  An epic vintage clothing shopping day was organised, 13 second hand stores were visited and as per usual it was in one of the last ones that I found a matching gown, add some stockings and scarves and we were set.  I was fortunate enough to have the amazing jewelry designer Alisha from Sapphire Studios  supply the rings, pendants and earings to complete the outfits.


The Cast

A call out was made on social media to help find a team who would be willing to collaborate and make real the ideas in my head.  The ladies to my rescue Hair and Makup  - Jess from  Gorejess Designs and Lorena from  The Wigs of Oz our models for the day were Elizabeth H and Kate B and I can't forget Lloyd who not only assisted, but also took the behind the scenes footage.


Beau Nu Magazine  June 2017 Book 1 can be purchased here