Concept shoot with an Alien | Tasmanian Concept Photographer

This shoot was inspired by a silver pair of ski pants which my son found in an Opp shop. It is evolving into a series of images which follows a persons arrival, watching their internal struggle with the want to blend and conform, versus their innate need to be able to express their own individuality, in an environment that is new and unknown.

I needed my favourite model to come visit me to start this series, so when Alex arrived we brainstormed some mood boards wrangled Katherine into doing hair and make up and then proceeded to make an alien styled shoot.

We shot a behind the scenes video on my phone so although not the best quality you can see some of the laughs that happened on the day. Note to self, try to find a white face paint that is easy to use. In all there were three shoots that weekend and I will show the other two as they are edited.

Concept shoot - alien from Ingrid Karm on Vimeo.

Inspired by a silver pair of pants. Start of a series which explores our basic need to feel accepted for who we are

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