Decadent Part 2 - Concept to Publication | Melbourne Concept Photographer

Welcome back to part two of Decadent - Concept to Publication if you haven’t read part one it can be found here

Having finalised all the props and made all the cup cakes it's almost time to actually take some photos.

Shoot day

Having no way of prepping  the cage and one of the wigs until we were ready to shoot my very patient model endured a quite pungent dousing of white coloured hairspray and a becomingly increasing heavy cage for almost an hour. 


Maegan also learnt the art of becoming a real life mannequin as we got up close and personal with each other as the gown was built on and around her.  (yes I know everyone suffers for my art :P) But she did get to dress up and embody a character from a time of indulgence and extravagance, and to celebrate the end of the day, we enjoyed a very messy cake smash.

I was very fortunate that the pictures I submitted were chosen for publication in the July Issue of Beau Nu Magazine. The 5 images published can be seen below. There are still a couple of images from this shoot that are being kept under wraps until the entire series is ready to be released. Check in often and follow me on social media as I will posting the behind the scenes and out takes from the entire series over the coming months..xx