Silver Award - A disquiet mind | Tasmanian Conceptual Photographer

Feeling very lucky, I was awarded Silver in the International Loupe Awards. The image is titled "A disquiet mind". This entire concept was born, shot, edited and entered into the competition all in one day. I wasn't going to enter this year, I had nothing prepared, nothing that I thought was good enough...and then I received an email LAST CHANCE entries close today, and here I was bored out of my mind (climbing the walls in my mind). We had just moved house and I had sprained and torn the ligaments in my ankle, I was supposed to be resting my foot, but as I was sitting there looking at all the boxes that still needed to be unpacked and furniture that still needed to be re-arranged, the feeling of restlessness just increased and this concept was born. Next year I will be more prepared, next year I will leave myself more time...maybe

What is that saying "nothing makes you more productive than the last minute"